(18th April – 15th October)

Art Director: Maria Giulia Grazzini

MONTECATINI OPERA FESTIVAL, certainly one of the most relevant  interesting  cultural events in town, is a real evidence of the everlasting  link  which has always existed  between  this  town and  any form of art,  in particular  music. Although this  Festival is principally devoted to  classical music and  opera fans, its main purpose is to highlight not only the town’s  musical  tradition, specially the great operas, but also the excellent  wine-gastronomic products, focusing on the close relationship between  musical culture and the culture of  slow food.

The growing number of spectators, mainly foreigners, even after 15 years, contrasting the general trend of crisis  and difficulty in many other organizations, confirms   the successful  formula of the festival.

This  season’s programme, from April to October, presents 22 events, set in the most attractive  thermal buildings  of  Montecatini SPA, either in the amazing historical  hall of the Excelsior ,a real jewel of the early 20th century architecture and the perfect place to enjoy music with the same intimacy as a late 19th century salon or inside the Tettuccio, which welcomes everybody as in a warm hug and  where you can still hear the musical  echo  of the great composers who have made  Montecatini  famous all over the world.

The Festival doesn’t neglect  the new promising young artists and presents   great international artists as well like: MARIA JOSE’ SIRI (July 2nd ) who will be Aida in the next season at the Arena Theatre in Verona, MASSIMO CAVALLETTI (September 3rd), who will give a unique  recital in Montecatini, before going back  to New York for the performances of Carmen at the Metropolitan  Theatre .

There are also two special selections of great operas with costumes: LA TRAVIATA (July 18th) where Giuseppe Verdi  creates one of the most  psychologically complex  woman  characters of the  romantic opera production, showing a deep sensitivity  to understand and anticipate  modernity and  MADAMA BUTTERFLY (August 27th), a very  touching  opera by Puccini, full of feelings and love, whose exotic atmosphere  will be introduced  by the Rite of Tea, being   the real expression of a philosophy of life based on the human need of serenity.

Among the new features of this season it is worth noticing the prestigious  collaboration with Russian artists  from important theatres  in St. Petersburg. In the intercultural relationships between Italy and Russia art and specially music have always expressed a strong link between the two countries, both of them very rich of extraordinary  works of art, great music schools and highly gifted   artists.

Being 2014 the year of Italian – Russian  Tourism it has seemed appropriate to plan a project aiming at consolidating the previous artistic links and developing  new forms of collaboration   through a better knowledge of each other’s huge cultural heritage .

The  4 recitals in May  (7th, 14th, 22 nd, 29th) where  Italian singers will perform with the singers of the MARIINSKY THEATRE and  an exhibition of the painter Vera Sokolinskaya, are a sort of anticipation of the great final event on September 8th with the musicians of the  HERMITAGE THEATRE and  FABIO MASTRANGELO, the undisputed  most  famous and loved Italian  conductor  in today’s Russia. On that  occasion  GUNTHER SANIN, the first violin of  the Arena Orchestra in Verona will play a very precious  violin Goffrieller, dated   Venice 1712.

At the end of July you can’t miss “Sounds and Tastes”  a special multisensory event, aiming at underlining the strict relation between the culture of  music and the culture of good food. Both of them a way to share, communicate and exchange emotions and  get more  knowledge.


We really look  forward to welcoming you.

You will be very welcome !